Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday was the second day of work on the farm. This time, Greg was there when I arrived, and so were his two kids. The son will turn eight in July, as he never ceases to remind us, and the daughter is four. The son spent all of yesterday babbling at Sam and I about "Ben 10" and its online game. Today, he was regaling a girl, about my age, whom I had never seen before, about the virtues of certain Pokemon cards. When he was finished talking over everyone else, Greg gave us our jobs. The volunteers were myself, Sam, the young woman whose name turned out to be Tali, a kid who had just graduated from high school named Jeremy, and a couple of others whose names I didn't catch. We were divided into groups to get to work. As the vegetable shares of the farm sponsors are collected on Tuesdays, it was harvest time.

Sam, Tali and I were assigned to first lettuce, then radishes. Apparently, Tali is a regular face around the farm, as we had the two farm children following us the entire time, nattering.

For the lettuce, we(Same, Tali, and I, not the younglings) took knives, reached under each head, and sliced the stem. We did this for 75 heads of lettuce. For the radishes, we gathered them in bunches of threes, rubber-banded them together, and gathered them. 47 of these later,and it was on to cleaning,a very intricate process, involving pointing the hose at rows of dirty radishes and spraying it on the highest setting. I know, complex.

After that...ugh. Weeding. An hour of it before noon,and then it was time for me to return to my abode. Another day finished.

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