Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hullo all. First day on the farm!

First things first--the backstory. I just finished my freshman year at high school, and, frankly? There aren't too many things for a 14 year old to do over the summer. Too old for the camp I went to last year, too young for anyone to hire me. However, my family had a share in a local community farm, run by a farmer named Greg and a group of volunteers. My parents suggested I volunteer there, and, sure enough, they were looking for more workers. So yesterday, a couple of weeks after my finals, I started farming.

8:30--Arrival: I got there Greg. Just some lady I'd never seen with a video camera, scanning the farm. So I sit, unobtrusive and out of the way for a couple of minutes, and, lo and behold, Greg comes out. He speaks with the woman for a little while, then comes over to me. "You're Philip, right?"


"I've got this interview to do. How about you start weeding the cucumbers." Joy. Weeding. Work gloves on(Cukes are extremely prickly), and out into the breach. I worked weeding for about a half an hour, finding some weeds larger than the plants supposedly growing there. At around nine, the second worker showed up. He introduced himself as Sam.

Sam's a college student, and he's been volunteering three weeks longer than me. We weeded together as Greg finished his interview. Once we were finished with our hour and a half weeding job, we were assigned a new one. Twine in a box and posts all around the bed. We strung up all the hanging over cucumbers so they would grow straight. That was about an hour's work, and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, it was noon. To allow time for, y'know, summer relaxation, that's y curtain call. More to come.

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