Sunday, June 29, 2008


These are gonna be quick because of the delay. We lost power due to some wicked storms and wind, so I was delayed in posting.

Third day, we started off with more harvesting, same lettuce, spinach, and radishes, in lesser quantities. Then, to the cleaning! Joy. Getting dirty and wet. I used the wheelhoe, which is an exhausting, evil invention, look it up. Then we mowed the lawn all over the farm, wherever there was grass. Then, we ho'ed the entire bed of carrots and squash , weeding all the little...weeds.

Fourth day, Sam was exhausted from over work and slightly sick, so he stayed home and slept. Lucky bastard. So it was just me, Tali, and some woman I didn't know. We spent the entire bloody day spreading wood chips over the farm paths, and then cleaning leftover plants that were harvested and not sold. Two more days in the books, next coming soon.

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