Saturday, July 12, 2008

Past Week

Damn, fell behind here. One more weekly format, then we're back to daily.

This week was an interesting on, schedule-wise, as my injured shoulder swelled up overnight, forcing me to work the afternoon shift while icing it in the mornings.

Tuesday, when I showed up, lunch had just ended. We transplanted hibiscus plants into new pots, harvested carrots and snap peas, and played with the sprinklers to get them to work. Wednesday, I showed up in time for lunch, and we spent about an hour discussing first the 60's, then racism, then the foundation of America as a slave nation, then the status of boyars in pre-revolution Russia. Very farm-centric.

All in all, a productive week, mainly because we finally convinced Greg, who, in case you missed it, has lime disease, to rest instead of work the fields. My god, the man's a machine. xD

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