Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today, we worked fast, because it rained on and off on Monday, and the weather report anticipated more for, well, today. Speed was of the essence, as if we didn't finish setting up the farmstand and CSA, we wouldn't be able to clear the beds for planting, and the seedlings HAD to be in before the rain. We also had a limited time frame for stringing up the tomatoes, because though they cannot be strung up while wet, they need to be contained before they grow too large.

Tom, the assistant farmer, wasn't here today. I suppose I should explain about Tom. See, Tom used to be a full-time farmer, but he retired. So now he's on the board that runs the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and he assists in the running of the farm. Cool, huh?

So we worked fast, focusing on preparing for the planting and above all working ourselves into a frenzy, and....

No rain.

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