Saturday, July 5, 2008


Tuesday, first day of the new week on the farm. Arrived, almost no-one there. We had a bit of a late start due to continuous rains. Once we got started, however, we were using hoes on the squash beds. There was a really cool little event that occurred while we were doing that.

Sam and I were working on opposite sides of the same bed to make it go faster when, suddenly, Sam leapt something like ten feet in the air. A little swallow dropped to the ground. It had landed on him and out of the corner of his eye, looked like a giant, evil moth. xD

So Sam, wearing gloves as to not get human scent on the poor thing, picked it up. It turned out the be a fledgling, who hadn't quite yet mastered flight. We placed him down a bit away from us and kept an eye on him, and his parents-we assumed they were-picked him up.

We laughed about that for the rest of the time while working, then headed off.

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